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Shelley Routledge, Director of Narratorial

Director, Shelley Routledge 

Shelley was born and raised in Leeds. She made her way to London as an undergraduate to read Classics and afterwards, completed a Masters Degree in Children’s Literature. She followed a career in publishing where she discovered and nurtured new talent such as June Taylor and Costa book shortlisted, Sarah Naughton.

She is now the Director of Narratorial alongside being on the Board of Directors at the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce and Battersea Park Businesses. Her list of highly successful multimedia PR campaigns include her clients featuring in the national and local press, glossy magazines, B2B and specialist trade magazines. Narratorial clientele often appear on both local and mainstream radio whilst gaining top product reviews from market influencers.

Shelley lives in the vibrant London borough of Battersea with her husband and has two grown-up children.



Shelley Routledge, Director of Narratorial

“My passion for storytelling propelled me to train as a journalist at Birkbeck Univesity, specialising in PR and SEO content writing alongside social media management. My experience in the publishing industry has been instrumental in understanding the power of narratives and how they can touch people’s emotions. My aim is to create business narratives and profiles that have the same universal appeal as best selling books do to readers.”

Narratorial use classic storytelling methods and combine this with SEO content writing and in-depth research to create PR and content that aligns with client USP

Through PR and content marketing, Narratorial help businesses deliver what customers look for in a brand that addresses their pain points.

  • Trustworthiness – Numerous studies have shown the importance of trustworthiness in consumers’ brand choices. Your customers may like what you have to offer but will only do business with you when they know they can trust you.
  • Authenticity – With the added layers of transparency the internet provides, consumers can more readily perceive if a brand is true to itself and delivers what it promises. In today’s connected world, authenticity has become a critical component of trustworthiness
  • Consistency – Research has shown that consumers look for consistency in building brand loyalty. They want to recreate the same pleasant experience with a brand over and over and expect the brand to deliver each time.

Narratorial take the time to understand what your business is all about, what your goals and missions are, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We do an in-depth study of your market and pay close attention to your customer base’s online behaviour to determine how you can best connect with them.

With the knowledge gained from this study, we will help you create a brand that your customers will recognise to be trustworthy and authentic. And we will reinforce your branding through consistency across various platforms. We make sure that when people see your logo, they will immediately know what they can expect from you.

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Narratorial is your best partner in growing your enterprise. We support all business sectors through affordable packages that allow you to customise your business strategy. Contact us today and learn how you can have a comprehensive online presence. Choose from the following services:

  • PR
  • SEO content marketing

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