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How To Build Your Business Tribe

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How To Build your Business Tribe

The growth of your business tribe is dependent on your business vibe. When I say vibe, I refer to how you project your business message or mission statement to your online community. How can you unlock that essential dialogue and interact effectively on popular social networking sites?

How can your unique voice build that all-important customer engagement? If you feel overwhelmed by this prospect, let us guide you through the basic steps of building a social community that digs you!

What is a Business Tribe?

In simpler terms, your business tribe is your online community. It is where people gather to interact, voice opinions and share ideas. Furthermore, if used correctly, this can give a solid ROI, as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Social communities such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin all provide you with an opportunity to share your specialist knowledge with your online community. It is definitely not an easy fix! Yet, blogging and sharing information through social networks via chats and direct messaging can foster long-lasting community engagement. 

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Business Tribe

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a superb example of how one person’s idea became a global online community. Founded in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa and inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper. Hawwa came to the conclusion that a themed bike ride would be a positive way to combat negative stereotypes of men on bikes. But the true worldwide online model came from connecting with niche motorcycle communities

The first ride in 2012 brought together over 2,500 riders across 64 cities. The success of the event encouraged the founder to consider how it could be used to support men’s health. This now includes raising significant amounts of money for organisations working on combatting suicide, depression and prostate cancer. 

This call-to-action has now reached a global audience, generating millions for men’s health charities. But take a look at their website. You’ll discover how inclusive and creative it is, whilst constantly interacting with the person viewing it.  For example, there are graphs, maps and video content to draw you into their world. This exists alongside a highly visible presence on social networking platforms. Subsequently, the aim is to make you feel a valuable part of their tribe – if you are not already!

Creativity is the Key!

Growing your business tribe has to be a two-way interaction. But what is the best way to achieve this? What you cannot do is present your social community with an endless stream of monologues telling them how fabulous you are.

Engage with your online community through surveys and quizzes. For instance, Survey Monkey is a great example of how easily you can find out the answers to your customers’ pain points. Your questions will depend on what type of online community you are aiming to influence, so give this a lot of thought.

What do points make?

Engage with your community by offering points for rewards or prizes. Choose someone who can receive a special shout out on your website for their loyalty. Giving people from your online community high praise can increase your customer numbers. As a result, the person who has received the shout out is bound to mention this to their friends and family. These people are then likely to click onto your site to engage with it.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride exceeds itself in the are of community loyalty. Take a look at their leaderboards page and you’ll discover categories for top riders, top teams, top countries and top rides. There are some amazing prizes to be had from sponsors.

Whatever your budget, there are ways to incentivise your business tribe. So without further ado, climb onto your metaphorical bike, turn on the ignition and rev it up! 









How to Build Your Business Tribe
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How to Build Your Business Tribe
Learn how to build your business tribe by using social networking engagement to enhance your online presence alongside other tips and tricks.
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