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How to Maximise blog Post Clicks

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How to Maximise Blog Post Hits

So, you have written your blog post. You are now ready to share your expertise with the world! But does your blog have a catchy title, or have you now run out of inspiration to tackle this final hurdle? If the answer is yes to these questions, we are here to help!

Avoid Sounding like a Bot!

Don’t get so wrapped up in your writing that your blog post sounds distant and methodical. Add a friendly tone your title to draw your reader in. The main thing here is to entice the public to read your posts. Write your title like you have just met up with your best friend and cannot wait to tell her/him about a new product you have just discovered. Rather than writing ‘the No1 summer hair product’ why not try ‘the No1 summer hair product that will boost your locks.’

Time waits for No Blog!

Let’s stay with the summer hair product theme and add a time constraint. Give your reader a sense of urgency to get that vital click through! For added dramatic tension why not say ‘Try this summer hair product today to save money tomorrow.’ Another way of writing the title might be ’10 minutes using this summer hair product a day will change your life.’ People are naturally curious and want to discover your top tips, tricks and secrets in your blog post.

The Numbers Game

Numbers always get attention and tend to get a high click-through rate. You might say ‘75% of people who do this are more likely to have healthy hair.’  You could similarly state ‘5 small changes for healthy looking hair.’ Using lists and figures always do well, as do citing facts already proven. Add your expertise by assimilating it into snippets that are easily digestible. Whether it top tips, 3 tricks or a long list of summer hair products, these are all great ways to find yourself at the top of the click-through pile.

Appeal to the Curious

People are, without a doubt, curious. This is exactly what makes us human! So leverage this to gain a higher click-through rate. The secret is to ensure you do not give too much away in your title. Imagine the blurb on the back of a No1 blockbuster novel and how exciting the book sounds. Now think of how you can make a reader equally excited about your blog post title. You might want to write ‘If you have not used this summer hair product, you will keep your greasy hair.’ How will they find out if they can eliminate their greasy hair? There is only one way to be sure, and you are now seeing your click through increase!

Be Blog Empowered

There are so many ways to get better click-through rates for your blog posts. It’s all about creating a title that excites and appeals to human curiosity. Give your readers a question which they will want to know the answer to. Apply these rules and watch your website traffic increase, effectively giving you more sales along with some well-earned kudos!



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