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How to learn Brand Storytelling Techniques

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 World Storytelling Day!

20 March is World Storytelling Day, and here at Narratorial, we have one of the most compelling stories of all!

In honour of this day, we want to share the extraordinary story behind Narratorial, and why we believe in the unique power of storytelling when it comes to building a brand.

Storytelling as a Buzz Word

Storytelling is a buzzword in many creative agencies, but particularly in the world of public relations and content marketing. However, very few agency directors understand the true power of a well-told story.

Previously I worked in children’s fiction, discovering, nurturing and editing some of the best authors in the UK. I also have an MA specialising in literary theory, intertextuality and narrative voice. All the above may sound impressive, but my real storytelling skills were formed in Leeds where I grew up.

Where it all Began

I was a little girl when I first heard the name ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’. His name was spoken in whispers, as the hunt for the notorious killer permeated the local dialogue. It affected everyone, and I overheard much adult recountal of this reign of terror.

The City of Leeds

Leeds was brought to a standstill. If you were female, you could jump on a bus for free, in the interest of your own safety. It was recommended not to go out at night without a male chaperone, and women were encouraged to report any strange male behaviour to the police. 

It left a huge impression on me, as this was the moment when I started to understand the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ of forming a story. When my clients ask me how I came to PR and brand storytelling, they’re initially quite shocked!

Narratorial Storytelling Techniques

Narratorial now employs these storytelling devices to help new and existing businesses, small and large, write their own company stories, promote their mission, and narrate their unique business journeys. This is the secret to good brand storytelling, to public relations and to effective content marketing. 

When Narratorial works with a new client, the first thing we ask is if you know what basic plot structure your business falls under. There are seven basic story plots in the world. This can underly your whole company ethos, and definitely can form part of your mission statement. Whether you have a past, present or an anecdotal narrative, we can assist you. Take a look at our questions below and let us know if they help. We would love to hear from you!

Our Top Tips for brand Story Success

  • Which story plot represents your business narrative best?
  • Is your business a rags to riches narrative?
  • Have you had to overcome your personal demons and monsters to build your business?
  • Is your company ethos a quest?
  • Do you have a tale of tragedy to disclose?
  • Is your business story about a personal rebirth or milestone
  • Did you travel or embark on some kind of voyage to form your business ideas?

To learn more about Narratorial and the services they provide, contact Director, Shelley Routledge at or 07527177334

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