Price List

Services offered and their respective prices

Content Marketing

We are highly experienced content marketeers, and our SEO Google rich content is the key to ensuring the word gets out out about your products and services. Check out our price list to guarantee business success.
  • Bronze

    Narratorial will write your online content and ensure it reaches high readability index scores and is relevant to your target market. £100 per website page
  • Silver

    WE will research and analyse three of your competitors and assess their strengths and weaknesses, before establishing your USP. Narratorial will then apply specific narrative techniques to write website pages on business journeys, personal journeys, mission statements and your products and services. £150 per website page
  • Gold

    We will research and analyse five of your competitors before assessing how your business can gain the most reach and sales. We will establish your USP and write your website pages applying specific narrative techniques to attract potential customers. We will also ensure all your copy is SEO friendly aby adhering to a 20 point SEO checklist, making your content highly favourable to Google’s search algorithms. £200 per website page


We have a strong and successful track record of gaining publicity for our clients, and have built a substantial media contact list. Whatever your business, we are certain of gaining the right publicity for you.
  • Bronze PR Package

    We will write your press release and send it to your requested recipients. £150 Per Press Release
  • Silver PR Package

    Narratorial will write your press release and send it directly to a number of contacts we have in your industry. We will generate excitement and interest in your products and services. £300 Per Press Release
  • Gold PR Package

    We can generate publicity and interest in your business, product and services all year round, ensuring that your sales and reach remain consistently high. Open an account with us and see the difference we can make. Individually Priced packages Apply