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Telling your story with Proactive PR

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There are two schools of thought in public relations.  Reactive and proactive.

Reactive PR is all about crisis management. If your company receives bad press for a lemon product or a customer complaint that went viral, you resort to Reactive PR for damage control.

However, Proactive PR is using public relations as a complementary tool for paid advertising.  It is used as a call-to-action to your company’s positive attributes,

Traditionally, Reactive PR has been the norm in businesses. Today, Proactive PR is widely embraced as an essential component of an effective marketing strategy.

What is Proactive PR?

While you still can’t do without reactive PR, proactive PR has been proving its value in brand building. With the right campaign, you can communicate your brand’s ideas, strengths, and mission statement in a way that resonates well with your market. It promotes brand awareness by telling your story and engaging your audience on a more intimate level.

The calendar for proactive PR campaigns may coincide with major company events, such as a product launch or a corporate milestone. In addition, this strategy can also piggyback on popular trends and occasions like the football World Cup or the Olympics.

To create a successful proactive PR program, analyse your market and identify patterns and routines within it. Then develop your content calendar around these. Learn to spot trends on which you can build a campaign with potential immediate impact.

Planning your Proactive PR content

Take your cue from the most successful proactive PR campaigns in recent times. Here are a few of them:

  • To promote the premiere of Stranger Things 2 in October 2017, Netflix teamed up with Lyft on a PR prank that took Lyft customers to an eerie environment similar to Hawkins Indiana, the show’s fictional setting.
  • In March 2018, Johnnie Walker released the limited edition Jane Walker whisky, with the company donating $1 for every bottle sold to organizations promoting women’s causes. It made a powerful statement for gender equality and allowed the brand to connect with individuals who supported social progress.

In October 2018, the brand made its mark on pop culture with White Walker by Johnnie Walker, another limited edition whisky inspired by a popular character in the phenomenally successful “Game of Thrones” TV series.

  • In 2012, Procter & Gamble’s award-winning “The Best Job” campaign combined a tribute to mothers around the world with the spectacle of the London Olympic Games.

The “thank you mum” theme is a recurring campaign at P&G. In 2017, the company released a video called “World’s Toughest Job”. This lauded the resilience of women in overcoming the challenges that come with motherhood. In the first two days of its release, the video garnered nearly 3 million views. It connected with consumers from all walks of life.

What are the benefits of Proactive PR?

Proactive PR actively seeks opportunities to reach your company’s market base. Therefore setting the tone and direction of your conversation with your audience. You tell your story from a positive viewpoint. This is better than having to “explain yourself” to counter a negative event or review.

With proactive PR, you get substantial cost savings whilst getting plenty of mileage for your content. The placement of your message in media won’t you cost you anything. At Narratorial, our established relationships with various media outlets allow us to connect our clients with their customers in far-reaching media platforms.

Learn more about our PR services here or get in touch with us today.

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